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This is the definitive email list of the editors of America's leading papers.  The list contains over 1400 newspaper editor email addresses including over 1200 with editor first and last names.  You can personalize your message by referring to each editor and newspaper by name.

When was the list last updated? 

The list was most recently updated in November 2013 and is revised every three months.  This list is based on the Newspaper Association of America membership of affiliated newspapers.  The compilers of the list research each newspaper to obtain the most up to date email address and managing editor name.  The list is arranged alphabetically according to State and is provided in Excel and CSV format.

What you'll get 

When you purchase the managing editor email list you will receive:

Sample list 

We have provided a sample list showing the newspapers, email addresses and editor names for the State of Kansas.  This sample list is provided to illustrate both formatting and content and has not been recently updated.  By downloading this sample list you do not have permission to use it for the purpose of distributing press releases.  You must purchase the full list to do this.

Click here to download the sample list.

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Click on the button below to pay for the complete list for only US$79 Price discounted to just $49 until the end of (then click Return to Merchant to download the list).  By purchasing this list you agree not to distribute or sell the list to other individuals or corporations. 

Newspaper List Premium version is now available for US$129 Price discounted to just $79 until the end of (this version provides unlimited access to all future updates of the list).  Click on the button below to purchase the Premium version (then click Return to Merchant to download the list).  By purchasing this list you agree not to distribute or sell the list to other individuals or corporations. 

Once you have purchased the email list, you are free to use it as many times as you like but you must not distribute or sell the list to others. You also agree only to use the list to send legitimate press releases and not SPAM.

About us is part of the Pacific Multimedia group of companies.  This list was compiled by our staff to alert editors to new trends and innovations in the training and education sectors.  Pacific Multimedia are leaders in the provision of automated e-learning solutions.  The list compares favorably with other services which require substantial payment for the sending of only one press release.  These services offer no real control as to which newspapers are targeted and the process must be repeated for subsequent releases.

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